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Phish Alert – E-mail Account quota warning

30-07-2014 9-38-31 AM

Subject: E-mail Account Quota Warning
This is to bring to your notice that you are nearing your 2GB data plan
limit. Your email account would be blocked from sending and receiving
emails if your email account is not verified with in 48hrs.

You will not be able to send or receive new mail until you upgrade your
email quota. You are advised to visit our verification portal below and
re-login to effect the change.

( VERIFY HERE <http://isp-accounts-google.webs. com/> )

Computing Services Help Desk more information about the service.

Helpdesk Copyright © 2014 Webmail Administrator Inc.
http://isp-accounts-google.webs. com/

Phish Alert – Update your account

23-07-2014 11-10-26 AM


An Attempt has been made to login from a new computer we stop it. We
strongly advise you update your account to avoid account Suspension or
De-activation. Kindly Click the link below or copy and paste on your
web browser for good security practice.





Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your webmail account.

WEB Administration Accounts team
Case number: 62450
Property: Account Security
Copyright 2014 Webmail! Inc. All rights reserved

Phish Alert – Help Desk Mail Box Warning!!!

23-07-2014 9-34-15 AM

Subject: Help Desk Mail Box Warning!!!

Your two incoming mails were placed on pending status due to the recent upgrade in our database,

In order to receive the messages kindly click Here:


Login with your correct Webmail information's and wait for responds from our data base service.

We apologize for any inconvenience and do appreciate your understanding.

Property: Account Security
Copyright 2014 Webmail Administrator.

Phish Alert – Deleting inactive accounts

11-07-2014 2-04-14 PM

This is to notify all Webmail account users,The webmail admin Is currently congested, so we are deleting inactive accounts. Please verify that this account is active by verifying It Below.

ADMIN WEBMAIL VERIFICATION for Employee, Faculty, Staff and student Members Only.
Click on  Faculty, Staff and student Members Access Page

Failure to confirm and verify your email account on our database as instructed, Your e-mail account will be blocked in 24 hours.
Thank you for your cooperation.
ITS help desk



Phish Alert – Mailbox is full

17-06-2014 10-21-09 AM

Subject: Your Mailbox is full.

Your mailbox is full.
465MB 500 MB
Current size Maximum size
Your mailbox can no longer send messages. Please reduce your mailbox size. By Automatically clicking on Mailbox Quota <http://adminmailboxclanupacess.jigsy. com/> . and fill out the necessary mailbox requirement to increase your mailbox Quota size.
IMPORTANT NOTE : You won't be able to receive mail messages at 480MB.
ITS help desk

© Copyright 2014 Microsoft
All Right Reserved.

Phish Alert – Updating all webmail account for spam protection

16-06-2014 9-37-35 AM


Subject: We are updating all webmail account for spam protection


We are updating all webmail account for spam protection

please click the link below to update your email account now

Click here <http://webmaintainerportal.3eeweb. com/>

Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your webmail account.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Local host

Phish Alert – Irregular login attempts

13-06-2014 9-33-54 AM

Subject: Email Login Notification


Dear Email User

Our webmail IP Security service discovered an irregular Login attempts on your email account from IP location ( To help protect your email, we request you to validate your Email Account ownership to secure your email account, Click on the below link to validate your email account login details with your correct user-name and pass-word to verify your rightful ownership of this emails account. com

We strongly advice you not to share your password with anyone for your Email security purpose.

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