Phish Alert – Webmail currently congested

Subject: RE: [IncidentCode]: ID:338.90.8#2015-Admin This Is To Inform All Webmail Account Users, That The Webmail Admin Is Currently Congested, So We Are Deleting Inactive Accounts. Please Notify That This Account Is Active By verifying It Below CLICK HERE <http://admincorrespondence.> Regards, ITS Help Desk Support Center ***Screenshot of the phishing page***

PHISH ALERT – IncidentCode

Subject: [IncidentCode]: ID:338.90.8#2015-Admin This message is from ITS Services  to all Web-mail account owners. We are removing access to all our mail clients. Your email account will be upgraded to a new enhanced Outlook interface provided by ITS Services Desk. Effective from the moment this email has been received and response received from you, ITS […]

PHISH ALERT – Account Update

Subject: Account Update… Attn: Faculty/Staff/Students, Your email account will soon be suspended (Reason: Quarterly quota maintenance). To update your email account, please CLICK HERE (http://service-center-admin. immediately for reactivation of your Web-Mail Account. This message is from Webmail Administrator Messaging Center to all Webmail Account Owners. Please follow instruction on this message and your account […]

PHISH ALERT – Upgrade your mailbox

Subject: Quota Limit Your mailbox has reached 980MB. which is over 98% of the allocated 1GB. To avoid the loss of your account, you are required to upgrade your Mailbox account by clicking on the link below to enable the increase in the storage quota of your account. http:/ <http://uri499.> Sincerely, York University, 4700 […]