Phish Alert – Reconfigure your account

Subject: ** Email-ID OWA Notification : ******************************************************* Dear Student, We have finished an important update to our campus email server. Please re-configure your account clicking on the following link : ******************************************************* 2009-2015 Microsoft Outlook Web Access – All rights reserved.

Beware of Fake CRA refund email

**Email Content** Subject: INTERAC e-Transfer from Canada Revenue Agency System ? Dear TaxPayer, Canada Revenue Agency has sent you an INTERAC e-Transfer (previously INTERAC Email Money Transfer). Amount: $812.22 (CAD) Sender’s Message: A message was not provided Expiry Date: 04 April 2015 Action Required: To deposit your money, click here: 2015 Canada Revenue Agency […]

Phish Alert – Web-mail storage quota exceeded

**Email content** Dear web-mail user, You have almost exceeded your web-mail storage quota. To avoid account deletion, please click on the link below. CLICK <http://vdfsec.> Please endeavour to respond within the next 48 hours to prevent your account from deletion. These measures are part of our security policies and we apologize for any inconveniences […]

Phish Alert – Quarterly quota maintenance

**Body of the message** Subject: User Your email account will soon be suspended (Reason: Quarterly quota maintenance). To update your email account, Click Here To Updated Your Account <http://www.form> We sincerely apologize for this unusual problem. Thank you for using our online services. Web-Administrator   **Below is a screenshot of the phishing site**  

Phish Alert – Email warning

**Email Content** Subject: ATTENTION: YORK UNIVERSITY EMAIL WARNING ATTENTION!!!! Click the Link below to Login and confirm your York University Webmail activity in our Database and authenticate the validity of your York University Webmail Usage to avoid temporal interruption and loss of files in your Webmail system. Click Here To Validate Login: <<http://www.jmn.heliohost. org/YORKU/YORKU.htm>> […]

Phish Alert – Upgrading our database

**Email content below** Attention: Yorku User Our network was recently attacked by a Mar-ware which carried out mass registration of anonymous email accounts. As a result we are currently upgrading our data base and web-mail network center to identify and delete all email accounts registered unduly. This will enable us increase storage capacities for existing […]