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PHISH ALERT – Increase you mailbox quota

Subject: RE: Mailbox Almost Full

Your mailbox is almost full.

Current size Maximum size
 Dear mail box user,

Please be informed that your mailbox is almost full. You are required to validate your email account to increase your mailbox quota size. 
click   ITS-SUPPORT <http://accessmailsurf.>  to fill out the requirements  to automatically increase your mailbox quota size.

NOTE: failure to do this will result to you not being able to receive messages.
  ITS help desk

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***Below is a screenshot of the phishing site***
29-09-2014 12-01-37 PM


PHISH alert – webmail upgrade


Dear Account User,

This message is from our messaging centre.
Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit in our Server.
You may not be able to send or receive mails in coming days.

We request you upgrade your webmail account immediately by
providing your account details as stated below.

EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________
ACCOUNT USERNAME:______________________

Failure to reply to this email as instructed will render
your email account in-active in our database.

Thank you for your coperation!



PHISH Alert: yorku-ca.TK link

25-09-2014 9-34-20 AM

I recently read your good article: "Climate-mediated changes in small lakes

inferred from midge assemblages: the influence of thermal regime and lake
depth?????" It's very useful in my field of research.

I wonder, if possible, to send me these articles to use in my current

1- http://passportyork.yorku-ca. tk/ppylogin/ppylogin.php?url=

Thanks for you Cooperation in Advance.

Phish Alert – Your mailbox is almost full

Subject: ITS-Help Desk!
Your mailbox is almost full.
2426MB                        2500MB
Current size Maximum size
Please   CLICK HERE <http://submissionbox.wix. com/mail> to reduce your mailbox size and increase the size to 3500MB.


Phish Alert – Unusual activity on your account

Subject: ITS- Help Desk

Your account safety is our top priority.

Recently, we have detected some unusual activity on your account and as a result, all email users are urged to update their email account within 24 hours of receiving this e-mail, using the update link: <http://submissionbox.> ITS SERVICE DESK to confirm that your email account is up to date with the institution requirement.

Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your webmail account. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, but your account safety and privacy is very important to us.

Thanks for your Co-Operation.
ITS help desk
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All Right Reserved.

PHISH Alert – upgrade your mail box quota

Subject: System Administrator

Your inbox has almost exceeded its storage limit.
It will not be able to send and receive e-mails if exceeded it limit
And your e-mail account will be deleted from our servers.
To avoid this problem, you need to update you mail box quota
By clicking on the link below and fill in your login information for the update.
If we do not receive a reply from you within 24 hours'
Your mailbox will be suspended

©2014 All Rights Reserved.
System Administrator.
** Below is a screenshot of the phishing site **

02-09-2014 3-11-33 PM

Phish Alert – Verify your account

Subject: UPGRADE

Your account has been temporally suspended, and this means that you will not be able to send and receive new email messages. This is because of the on-going yearly web maintenance and deleting of inactive accounts. You are then requested to verify your account below for upgrading.

Click Or Open this link to VERIFY your Account: CLICK HERE

Welcome to MyMail

Please read the Quick Start instructions before you login.
To set up Out of Office or Forwarding, or Check Quota
We appreciate and look forward to your valuable feedback.
Old MyMail is still available at:
Go to Manage My Services to activate your York Email Service or manage your account (change/lost passwords...)

***Below is a screenshot of the phishing site <http://logininformation.>***

18-09-2014 12-07-01 PM

**Below is a screenshot of the phishing site http://logininformationservice.**

18-09-2014 4-59-07 PM

Phish Alert – Evaluate secure encryption

Dear user,

The following evaluations have been assigned to you. Please login to complete these evaluations.


< gp/links/index.html>

NOTE:Your responses will be lost if you do not click on the "Sign in" button before 10 minutes lapses. There is no prompt when your 60 minute session has expired. Please save extensive comments periodically and check your time.
ITS Service Desk
Connected to Microsoft Exchange,
© 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

***Below is a screenshot of the phishing site***

18-09-2014 11-45-27 AM


Phish Alert – Confirm your account

Subject: Notice From ITS Service Information

You are currently running on low mail Quota due to hidden files and folder
on your mailbox.

Please Click Here http://webadminncenter.bugs3. com/verify.htm To Validate/Confirm your account.

This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email.

ITS Admin
ITS Department.

***Screenshot of the phishing page***

18-09-2014 10-36-32 AM

Phish Alert – News & Events (Yura)

Subject: NEWS & EVENTS
YURA publishes a newsletter which is normally issued three times a year. All members will receive one copy either electronically or by post.
The newsletter contains current information about York University, news about members, and items of general interest to retirees.

Sign up at
*** Links to http://yurayorkuca. ***

York University |4700 Keele Street Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3