Phish Alert - Admin webmail re-validation

  Subject: ADMIN WEBMAIL RE-VALIDATION Admin Mailbox Message ! Staff and Faculty Members mailbox quota size increase. Automatically increase Quota size by clicking on Staff and Faculty Member GATEWAY <http://microsftmailaccounttechnicalteam.tripod. com/helpdeskhtml/> F ill-out the necessary requirements to automatically increase your mailbox quota size. Additional Info Staff and Faculty Members Only. IMPORTANT NOTE : You won't […]

Phish Alert - Dear Account Owner

    Subject: Dear Account Owner Dear Account Owner Message is from York University You have exceeded the limit of your York University Email Service mailbox set by your web service and you will be having problems in sending and receiving mails, you may lose all your information's when your account is disabled. To prevent […]

Phish Alert -

  Email # 1 Subject: Verification required Our technical department have carried out a planned upgrade on our network. All customers are therefore required to update their login details Proceed < za/language/> Customer Services ****************************************************** Email # 2 Subject: Verification needed Our web mail server is currently congested, so we are deleting inactive accounts. Kindly […]

Phish Alert - Irregular action on your e-mail system

    YORK UNIVERSITY =============== We detected irregular action on your e-mail system on March 26, 2014. As the Primary owner, you must verify your account activity before you can continue using your account, and upon verification, we will remove any restrictions placed on your account. click on the link below: <https://mywebspace.wisc. edu/tellander/web/> ========================================================================== […]

Phish Alert - Update mailbox

    Subject: update mailbox Your mailbox limit has exceeded, some message(s) sent to your account will be rejected by our incoming mail sever. Click http://customercare.pixub. com/ to update your mailbox and to prevent your account from being locked. Webmail Helpdesk 2014 Webmail Intellectual Property. All rights reserved